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Mobility - More power in the hands of customers and employees

The Consumerization of IT….And the shift in control from IT departments to customers and employees

Mobility is slowly, but surely, shifting the locus of control of technology, from the IT departments into the hands of customers and employees.

In the process, it is bringing superlative levels of personal and professional productivity into the workplace, along with accountability, ease of access, and faster decision making. The eco-system of devices, applications and cloud-connected are enabling the consumer experience and driving the consumerization of IT.

The benefits of mobility are compelling: happier, more productive and efficient employees, faster business decisions and a foundation for the new style of working.

EME is at the forefront of how mobility benefits the entire ecosystem. Including unlocking productivity from existing client applications, accelerating productivity with new applications, enabling communities by connecting people, and delivering the connectivity required for the shift to a mobile-first landscape.

This page brings is an effort by EME to roundup interesting developments in the Mobility space. And also details specific innovations EME is carrying out for its clients :

Sales force solutions for the FMCG Industry
EME customizes a Mobile location-based sales force solution automating the complete sales cycle for a global FMCG company

Employee engagement Solutions for two geographically diversified Telecos
EME creates an enterprise-wide employee engagement app to help connect, engage and empower a geographically diverse employee base.

Connecting users to Operator services and channels for two Global Telcos
EME pioneers a Self-care app , which acts as a hub for all operator services and channels.

Enhancing loyalty and engagement for customers of a Global Automotive, through its service centers
EME enables car owners to connect and engage effectively with the service centres for their ongoing automotive service, spares and accessory needs.

Money transfer and bill payment solutions for the largest payment gateway in Egypt
Enabling mobile money transfer and bill payment across thousands of retail stores and millions of consumers, for Fawry, the largest payment gateway in Egypt.

The Power of Mobility and how the landscape is rapidly evolving.

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