Powering Sales Teams

EME is at the forefront of exploiting the newest capabilities of mobile technology, to build a distinctive sales representative and customer experience.

EME’s high impact sales solutions, enable high performing organizations to leverage mobility to increase deal size, decrease sales cycles and positively impact profitablility. Through improved sales activity, sales team satisfaction, reduced attrition, improved customer experience, and high levels of transparency, traceability and predictability for company executives.

EME's mSales solution automates the full cycle of your sales activities – field sales or presales, and links it to existing backend solutions. It provides the sales organization with a complete detailed view of its operations including dashboard reporting and graphical presentation.

mSales Features:

  1. Bar code / RFID
  2. Best-Route management
  3. Customer Order History reports
  4. Customized sales setup and pricing
  5. Flexible system configuration
  6. Interface with Back Office ERP Systems
  7. Integration with GIS Solutions
  8. Payment Collection
  9. Physical count on van and in client site
  10. Sales person performance reporting
  11. Statistical and Graphical Reports
  12. Signature Capture
  13. Survey capabilities
  14. Scheduled updates with ERP solutions
  15. Virtual Inventory Management (Stock on Wheels)

EME has helped organizations with the following Innovations in Sales to help harness the power of Mobility :

Improved sales team effectiveness through location-based services
Location-based services to empower sales team with accurate information on accounts needing immediate follow-up. This helps drive timely and consistent follow through to enhance sales teams performance, increase customer satisfaction and help top-line performance.

New levels of flexibility
Redesigning traditional sales tools for tablet devices to create new levels of role and geographic flexibility. Locating nearby opportunities, unclaimed leads.

Subject matter specialists to support sales in remote areas
Several high-tech companies are exploiting Mobility solutions by implementing live video conferencing to enable their sales representatives to bring remote subject matter specialists directly into the customer conversation. This enables richer customer dialogue.

Real-time order placement
Building a front-facing ordering application which leverages the 24x7 connectivity of tablets and allows sales representatives to place a customer order immediately after making the sale. Lowered Time to Market, Order fulfilment, faster billing and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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