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mSales Customer Self-Services App

mSales Customer Self-Services App

Engage and Empower your customer, Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Since 2005, we invested continuously in creating a mobile application platform that enables anyone to access, view, analyze, and transact on mobile apps, integrated with practically any back-end system on any operator network, and on any devise.

After we had introduced our Sales Force Automation Solution “mSales” successfully to the market, we decided to combine our experience in the “Enterprise Mobility” world with our experience in the distribution world by introducing our “mSales Customer Self-Services App” which is an innovative enterprise mobile solution to connect distribution organizations directly and online to their customers anytime and anywhere by seamless integration with mSales backend.

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Why businesses Should Provide Customer Self-Service?

Customer self-service is increasingly replacing traditional customer service methods. This is because self-service alternatives allow users to locate quicker solutions on their own time. That’s why studies show that 81% of B2B customers would prefer self-service over contacting customer support the traditional way.

Rather than having to pick up a phone and wait on hold, customer self-service app can improve your customers’ experience and make it easier to find the product information they need, place orders, complete online payments, file claims, and more.

With mSales Self-Service App, boost the quality of your customer service and give customers the help they need quicker and more efficiently.


mSales CSS App Features and Benefits:

Why EME? Mobility and Distribution expertise

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Boost satisfaction & Reduce costs with mSales CSS now!