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Mobilize Your Sales Force
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As a Field Sales Manager or Director, you must face multiple issues with sales management on a daily basis. Managing a sales team can be challenging since there are a several issues that you have to overcome each day. It is even more difficult when dealing with larger sales teams as it’s nearly impossible to identify small issues which would later turn into bigger problems. The company’s top line is dependent on you and your team’s performance, and sales numbers are constantly at the top of our minds every hour of the day.
Here are the top 3 issues which field sales managers in various industries face in their role:

Having a Good Salesforce Automation Software can help you to overcome these issues.

What is Sales Force Automation (SFA)?

Sales Force Automation (SFA) refers to software systems for sales management that automate parts of the sales process. The automation usually focuses on repetitive tasks to make the sales process smoother and faster. Having a good salesforce automation software allows your sales team to focus on the most important tasks by freeing up the team members from administrative tasks, and gives salespeople more time to focus on activities that are more likely to result in sales. SFAs can help you monitor your sales team, increase productivity, improve customer loyalty and shorten sales cycle.

Why mSales?

mSales Features and Benefits

Visit Route Planning Optimization

Smart planning based on customer preferences to take the hassle out of planning the visits. mSales helps in finding the most efficient way to get from Point A to Point B, which helps sales reps identify, understand, and navigate their most impactful opportunities, and be more productive and efficient.

Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking and Alerts

Improve performance of sales representatives through advanced GPS tracking system. mSales gives managers clear and real-time visibility into what’s happening out in the field. mSales will help you monitor the location and performance of sales reps to make sure they’re making the most of their time in the field.

Sales Process Automation

Increase Efficiency and reduce errors and data entry time and cost by automatic integration with implemented ERP solution. mSales handles all merchandising activities such as customers and products survey, monitoring and reporting competitors moves and initiatives, and protects your investment against out-of-stocks, out-of-date promotions, misplaced or misused display assets.

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Accomplish your Marketing Strategies

Effectively Accomplish your Marketing Strategies by easily applying automated customer specific pricing and promotions. mSales will help automate real-time personalization across marketing, sales, and service to increase conversions and ROI.

Opportunity Tracking

Maximize your ROI by automatically tracing customers buying habits, and ensure customer loyalty by applying regular online customer satisfaction surveys. mSales will track probability of close, products, lead source, status, and more for every opportunity for total visibility and control of your sales pipeline.

Tracking system
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Sales Reporting

Analyze Sales Visit Quality through monitoring visit duration and output versus visit target. By automatically producing reports based on real-time metrics, mSales allows managers to save time when analyzing how the team is performing.

Integration Flexibility

mSales integrates with your business’s existing backoffice or ERP solutions such as Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Local ERP systems.our experts can help you choose the perfect ERP to suit your business needs out of a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics solutions we offer. Learn More About Microsoft Dynamics products.

Sales System

mSales Mobile Application

mSales mobile application can be Installed on the sales employee’s mobile, tablet, or handheld, and it works in online and offline mode.

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Each Industry has specific needs, and mSales can address them all.

Food and Beverage

Consumer Goods

Consumer Electronics


Medical Reps

Telecom Distributors



Service Providers


Banks (Credit Cards Sales and Loan Officers)

Market Research